Chinese Censored name: 凰 huáng Kanji : 赤城

Akagi No. 224 Name: Akagi
Class: Akagi Type: Aircraft Carrier CV Icon
Nation: Sakura Empire SE Icon Rarity: Super Rare ★★★✰✰✰
Build Time:  ??:??:?? Drop Location: 3-4
Icon HP HP 1128 Max: 5500 Icon Armor Armor Medium Icon Reload Reload 48 Max: 114
Icon Shelling Firepower 0 Max: 0 Icon Torp Torpedo 0 Max: 0 Icon Mobility Evasion 13 Max: 32
Icon AA Anti-Air 61 Max: 285 Icon Plane Air Power 78 Max: 368 Icon Consumption Oil 4 Max: 14

Speed rating: 0

Slot Proficiency Stock Equipment Equipment Type
110%/125% 37100 A6M2 Zero Fighter
110%/125% 39000 Aichi D3A Type 99 Dive Bomber
110%/125% 38000 Nakajima B5N Torpedo Bomber
224skill Preemptive strike
Reduce the cooldown timer for the first wave of own aircraft by 20.0% (50%).
225skill First Carrier Division
Increase own Aviation by 15.0% (35%) when in the same fleet as Kaga.
Unknow None

Japanese Ship Lines Edit

Azur Lane Akagi Japanese Ship Lines (English Subtitles)

Azur Lane Akagi Japanese Ship Lines (English Subtitles)

  1. Ingame
Akagi has the appearance of a Nine tailed fox with a red kimono suit and short dresses. She has long brown hair and red eyes. Her character in the game can be said to be a "Yandere".
  1. Information on the sidelines
Akagi was an aircraft carrier serving the Japanese Empire during World War II, her name being named Akagi mountain in the present Gunma Prefecture. During the Battle of Midway, Akagi and other carriers were attacked by Enterprise, Hornet and Yorktown aircraft. Enterprise's dive bombers have damaged her. Finally, unable to hold her, Arashi, Hagikaze, Maikaze and Nowaki got torpedoed and
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